We are versatile and multifaceted. We keep our perspectives global and across diverse technologies and disciplines. But, we are intensely focused on winning intellectual property cases for our clients.

We believe that being big and diversified may be good for law firm economics, but being smart, focused and well-prepared is much better for clients. We are big enough to do our work well, but small enough to maintain our focus, quality control and selectivity. Because of this, we are able to transition quickly to adapt and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of intellectual property.


It is in our DNA to litigate intellectual property cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner because we are used to representing our clients on result-based billing arrangements. We are able to distinguish issues that have meaningful impact on trial from satellite disputes that only cause unnecessary delays and expenses. Our clients who hire us on an hourly basis also benefit because we approach all of our cases the same way.

When you hire us, you are not paying for training inexperienced associates or getting commercial litigators up to speed on nuances and often-hidden dangers in intellectual property litigation. We hit the ground running with our extensive experience in intellectual property litigation, trial, arbitration, mediation and appeal in courts and other tribunals across the country.


We are totally focused on the needs of our clients in their use of intellectual property as a critical business asset. We look at each client as a long-term business partner. We ask our clients to stay fully engaged in their matters and demand that they participate in the decision-making process throughout our representation.

We also offer billing arrangements that are flexible and keyed to client needs and business objectives so that the risks and benefits from our representation are equally shared between the lawyers and the client.


The founding partners formed this firm in March 2015, after spending more than 70 collective years at a nationally known firm with one of the biggest IP litigation and trial practices in the country. Our attorneys have nearly 100 collective years of experience in intellectual property law. We have evaluated nearly 1,000 potential IP cases on behalf of many Fortune 500 corporations, medium-sized companies, emerging technology companies, venture capital and private equity firms, inventors and inventor-owned companies.

We have worked on some of the biggest, highest-profile and most controversial intellectual property cases of our time. We have worked on both sides of intellectual property disputes for a wide variety of clients. We have also been trailblazers and innovators in the alternative fee representations for plaintiffs and defendants.


Our experience and work over two decades have allowed us to forge relationships with a wide variety of professionals in diverse technologies and disciplines around the world. They include patent prosecution attorneys, foreign attorneys, technical and financial consultants in private practice and academia, patent monetization and brokerage firms, intellectual property auction and exchange firms, litigation funding companies, private equity or venture capital firms, defensive patent acquisition entities, patent aggregators, economists, lobbyists, public relations professionals and attorneys specializing in other areas. These relationships and contacts allow us to represent our clients effectively and creatively, and help us craft unique and creative resolutions and deals for our clients.